Creative Camp for 3 Prestigious Japanese Companies

This was our most challenging creative camp this year. We created a special work shop for 7 designers from 3 world renown Japanese companies. It was our first challenge to cover this level of creative mind in one trip. We planned this for 4 months to give the best possible option and the end result was amazing (at least we think it was)!

Although these 7 designers are world class designers who have been traveling all over the world, they have never visited Portland before.

For this workshop, we rented this amazing house on the NW hillside of Portland.

The house is located in the forest, just off of Portland's famous forest park in NW hillside. This house comes with an amazing landscape; approximately 20 acres of private property. This house has a private gate and private road to the main house, 6 beds, outside jacuzzi and many other amazing features. Best of all, it is only a 10 minute drive from Downtown Portland. It is in the middle of forest, so we saw wild deer, raccoons, snakes, and other animals around this property.

We felt in order to truly understand the creativity in Portland, they would need to experience the Portland lifestyle. At this Airbnb condo, we started the morning with a special Yoga and QiGong lesson by our amazing instructor Jill Knouse, and Brenda from dancemode.

Then had breakfast at various Portland famous cafes before we started our creative tour.

Through various support from our members, special thanks to Jason Sturgill who gave us a great tour at creative offices and a great farewell party at his house.

We have visited ...

Creative Studios:


20160901 evolve_257_0.jpg

Craft Studios:

Stumptown Coffee

Special Thanks to all the creatives who participated this amazing camp.