Portland Creative Studios Tour

We've been having many creative office tours lately, providing a great experience for our partners in Japan. On June 8th we did a tour with business associates from YomikoMitsui Estate, and Jun Mitsui architecture.

Creative offices in Portland provides a very unique, laid-back workspace, compared to more technical offices in big cities like LA and New York. Most of the offices were in old buildings, renovated from old warehouses, schools and old factories. Work and play are not clearly divided.

Many employees bike to work, bring their dogs, and free food and beverages - including beer - are provided. Many offices do not even have dedicated desks for employees, instead large tables are provided for quick meetings, and employees can work in various spaces in the studio.

As a nature-driven creative city, Portland offers a new style of work space, which is very beneficial for professionals and creators from Japan to be inspired.  We would hope to see this style of creative offices to spread to places like Japan as well.