Brenda Russell



Profile: Spirit Alive! is the culmination of Brenda Russell's 32 years of dance experience combined with her desire to create an aerobic moving meditation that decreases stress, increases energy, and puts the participant in a state of mindfulness. This movement modality combines West African Dance, American jazz and blues dance, Qi Gong, and American aerobics.

Spirit Alive! is a 60 to 90 minute moving meditation set to a specific playlist of recorded music or to a live accompaniment of African based drumming, improvised rhythm instruments and guitar. Part of the Spirit Alive! philosophy is that the ancestry of the musician's training and the spirituality of the instrument itself are present for the dancer to interact with as well as to facilitate a meditative state. Spirit Alive! is meant to inspire a flexible spine, articulated pelvis, and the development of poly-rhythmic movements. It is movement super-food.

At the heart of Spirit Alive! is Brenda's belief that if a person moves the same way too repetitively, then the body doesn't get the movement nutrients it needs. Thus, through presenting unfamiliar movements, and brain/body teasers, Spirit Alive! offers participants an opportunity to stimulate their brain and nervous system and expand their neuropathways.