Cecilia Doan


Company: Instrument

Profile: Cecilia Doan is Brand Manager at Instrument, an independent digital creative agency in Portland. Cecilia is a Portland native and Design Management (Advertising) graduate from the Art Institute of Portland. She has been with Instrument for four years, where she started out as a digital and brand strategist for the Nike and Google accounts. As Brand Manager, she curates the Instrument narrative across web, social, internal communications, PR, and community partnerships—connecting Instrument with the greater creative and tech community globally. 

Instrument was founded in 2003. The Partners are Vince LaVecchia (Chief Operations Officer), Justin Lewis (Chief Executive Officer) and JD Hooge (Chief Creative Officer). With over 120 employees at their headquarters in Portland, Instrument builds digital brands, products and campaigns for global companies and institutions including Nike, Google, Levi’s, Patagonia, eBay and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.