Inspiration Incubators

Intelligence on consumer trends and market forecasts to help identify strategic growth opportunities.


Uplift provides additional services that allow businesses to make smarter decisions and understand their respective markets better locally and internationally. These include trend reports and market research, design consulting, ongoing brand management, and expertise with collaborations and dual branding.


Inspirational Workshops and tours

One-of-a-kind group experiences hosted in Portland, Oregon, to inspire, enrich and indoctrinate international business members into local culture

Our works include the following:


Training Workshops

We create custom business, design, and artisanal workshops on a variety of topics based on our clients needs. These workshops are intended to give clients a hands-on experience to gain the skills needed to bring back with them internationally. Events can be organized for groups of 10 or more.


Corporate Office Tours And Business Engagements

We facilitate custom tours of difficult-to-access Portland businesses, as well as client meetings with local experts and creative business professionals. Client objectives may include local market insight, product feedback, localization recommendations or ideation. Types of businesses we provide access to include global sports brands, progressive design and creative agencies, and tech start-ups.

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Portland Culinary Excursions

We coordinate custom tours and facilitate informational meetings with local experts in the food and beverage industry. A look into local Portland businesses provides clients an opportunity to acquire new insights and inspiration that they can take back to their organizations internationally. Some of these opportunities include: kitchen tours (behind-the-scenes), bakeries, cafes, farmers markets, breweries, and etc.



Strategic Go-To-Market Partner

Support and production services for product launches and new business initiatives in the US and Japan


Production Management

UPLIFT provides full production management from conception, to production and distribution. We have extensive experience designing and managing production for products ranging from exclusive, small runs to larger productions. This includes expertise in private label production, "Made in USA" products, importing/exporting to/from the United States, and distribution locally and internationally.


Art Production Services

Businesses seeking a refreshed look and feel and a desire to shoot in the Pacific Northwest, will discover a world-class talent and one-of-a-kind locations through our exclusive network. We offer still/film production, casting, styling, location scouting and related creative consulting.