UPLIFT is a Portland, Oregon-based consultancy providing creative business solutions to Japanese businesses. We leverage our community of experts to inform, inspire, create and innovate.



UPLIFT is a Cultural Concierge

We connect people and places with our international clients to increase the value, integrity and engagement of their businesses with our community, ultimately cultivating authentic experiences and new ideas. Our extensive connections to local creators make it possible to provide a behind-the-scenes, insider perspective of regional business and a better understanding of our unique, growing city.



UPLIFT is a Local, Customized, One-of-a-Kind Tour Guide


We inspire our corporate clients through visits to leading-edge local businesses and meetings with internationally-minded local creatives, business leaders, culinary experts and agencies.



UPLIFT is an Inspiration Incubator

We seek out and provide intelligence on consumer trends and market forecasts to help identify strategic growth opportunities for our clients.



UPLIFT is a Strategic Partner for Business Growth

We support our clients' goals of penetrating the US market through personalized access to local community experts and craftsmen across multiple business types. This helps our clients save time and minimize risk by having a trusted network of professionals and tools to fast track development and innovation.