Creative Director

Seth Neefus



Profile: Seth was born and raised in Hudson, New York. He ended up living in Mammoth Lakes, California and some friends had started a snowboard company. They needed some help with a new website and other design projects. Within those first few months Seth designed everything from their website to products to advertisements. Being part of the design team, he got to know the world of textile design. They ended up moving their design studio to Portland, Oregon.

After about 5 years of designing clothing on the computer, he realized that he was unhappy with what he was making and stepped away from that industry because the trend and quality felt very disposable. Years down the road he started to playing around with some bag designs and other ideas for products. He bought the materials, created the patterns by hand and through trial and error taught himself how to work with the new materials. Working with leather and waxed canvas came naturally to him and felt like they worked in a way that felt very real. He wanted to make everything that was missing in his life, at least things that were more functional and better quality. Him and his friend worked together get up to speed with industrial sewing machines and basic pattern construction techniques. That was the beginning of Red Clouds Collective.

Red Clouds Collective's process is very organic. They make things they believe in and serve a purpose. Everything is brought to life through necessity. They make sure they are 110% happy with something before it is released to the world. Seth believes that Inspiration comes from living life, you have to get out and enjoy it, or get dirty and do some seriously labor intensive work. He lets life come at him and find the need to create something to make it easier and more enjoyable. Their collection of products will have a very long life and bring people happiness when it is used.